Ohio law requires that all individuals who work in the public schools have a baseline BCI and FBI criminal check at the time they apply for their first Ohio educator license, certification or permit, and those BCI and FBI background checks must be no older than one year (365 days) at the time they are used for initial licensure.

All new employees to the District are required to have both BCII and FBI background checks that are less than 365 days old.

If you have a copy of your current background checks that are less than 365 days old from the date of your hiring, please submit a copy of those to HR.

If you need to get new background checks to comply with this Board of Education requirement you may have them done at any location you choose but the agency must check the appropriate code for a school employee.

It is very important that you request your background checks be sent to the Ohio Department of Education and a copy to the HR department of Alliance City Schools.

It is recommended that you go to the Alliance Administration Office as they are familiar with the codes required. The cost is $35 for BCI only and $37 for FBI only (total of $70 if getting both BCI and FBI done at the same time).

Effective July 6, 2022, background checks will be available for ACS staff only.

Cash, personal check or credit card accepted.

Click here for additional information about background checks from the Ohio Department of Education.