Success Academy Partners with Planet Fitness

Students Work Out at No Cost

The students at  the Alliance City School District’s Success Academy have enjoyed the opportunity to work out at Planet Fitness every Wednesday morning.

The program came about through the efforts of Curtis Hubbard, the behavior management coach for the Success Academy. He contacted Planet Fitness after hearing the company was interested in getting more involved in the community.

“They were on board from day one,” Hubbard said.

Planet Fitness allows the students to visit once a week for an hour to an hour and a half. The Students have access to the 30 Minute Express Workout area which consists of a number of machines used to strengthen legs, arms and provide cardio.

The first time the students visited Planet Fitness, they were hesitant to use the machines. However, after a few weeks, the students are excited to go each week to the gym and see how strong they are getting.

“I think they are doing really well,” said Melanie Host, a teacher aide at the Success Academy. “A Lot of them are excited to see their little muscles grow.”

The students rotate on the machines for the duration of their time at the gym. Hubbard and the Success Academy employees help the students with the various machines and offer them encouragement as they improve each time.

“The cool thing about this is a lot of the kids have never stepped into a gym before,” Hubbard said.

Attending Planet Fitness each week allows the students to learn about healthy lifestyles and the benefits of working out regularly. Hubbard believes this is a positive trend that will lead to a positive lifestyle in the future.

“I am very appreciative of the generosity Planet Fitness has provided to the Success students,” said Tina Arbitter, principal of Success Academy. “Planet Fitness allows us to use the gym at no charge. It's a great community connection and a good feeling to be able to promote health and wellness to the kids in our program.”

As for Planet Fitness, they are happy to offer their services to the local students. This is a great way for Planet Fitness to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle within the community.

“It’s important to get into a healthy lifestyle,” said Sarah Busch, a general manager at Planet Fitness.

She has noticed a difference in the students and their confidence level each week as they enter into the gym. The timidness has disappeared only to be replaced by excitement.

“The mornings are our slowtime,” Busch said. “It’s great to have them in here to liven up the place.”

This group of students will be participating in the weekly workout sessions at Planet Fitness, with their younger classmates going to the YMCA at the same time, until the spring semester begins. Then they will rotate with their fellow classmates who have been visiting Pegasus Farm each week.