Election Day

FAQ on Issue 1:

  1. Specifically, how is the money generated going to be spent? The following areas have been identified. District priorities may vary based on their existing circumstances. The School Safety and Security Task Force is providing these recommendations based on the information they have analyzed.
  2. Security Staff/Resource Officers (addresses Preventative and Reactionary need)
    1. Salary
    2. Certification Initial Training
    3. Ongoing Training and Certification Requirements
    4. Necessary equipment
    5. GPS Tracking of Bus positions
    6. Security Cameras
  3. Mental Health Resources (addresses Preventative and Reactionary need) Examples. 
    1. Stark MAHR
    2. ComQuest
    3. Pathway
    4. Prevention Curriculum
    5. Resiliency Curriculum
    6. Child and Adolescent Services
    7. Additional Trained Professionals
    8. Training for Security Staff /Resource officers in mental health
    9. CareTeams
  4. Digital Citizenship and Education programs for Student, Staff, Parents and Community members (Preventative need)
    1. Mobile App Education
    2. Social Media Education
    3. Parental Control options
    4. Tip Line
    5. Anti-Bullying program and training
    6. Threat Assessment Systems
    7. Content Filtering
  5. Crisis Management (Reactionary need)
    1. Alertus
      1. Software that connects existing infrastructure together to reduce the likelihood of loss of life or injury in the event that a situation does happen.
      2. Desktop Computers
      3. Phones (VOip)
      4. Mobile Devices
      5. TV
      6. LED Marque
      7. Marks Radios
      8. viii.PA systems
      9. Digital Signage
      10. Fire Alarms
      11. Alert Beacons
      12. Access Control
        1. GoGuardian
        2. SafeSchool Id
      13. xiii.Gap analysis and needs assessment processes
      14. Physical Barriers
      15. Emergency and Operational Notifications
      16. xvi.Communication Management
        1. Simultaneous Activation
    2. Navigate Prepared
      1. Security Plan Tool and emergency preparedness
      2. Interactive Maps
      3. Training and Drill Logs
      4. FEMA Compliance
      5. Emergency procedure
  6. Hardware/Software to Support Infrastructure Upgrades to Provide redundancy (Preventative need)
    1. Backup systems
  7. Hardened Target enhancements (Preventative need)
    1. Man Traps
    2. Access control barriers
    3. Instant screening software and databases
  8. Disinfection Systems (Reactionary need)
    1. Chemical, Virus and Bacteria contamination events

  1. Isn’t this levy an overreaction?  It’s not that bad.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ohio Department of Health have determined the Mental Health issues represented by our local student population is a contagion and the worst on record. This spreading of a harmful idea or practice is unlikely to end without some intervention. 

  1. I don’t have kids in school why should I support this?

The well-being of our youth is something all community members have a vested stake in. This is not a political or religious issue but rather a concern we all share and need to support. 

Our nation’s children are our greatest asset and our most precious treasure.

  1. Why is this a continuing levy?

The need to provide a safe and secure learning environment is our most important priority. By making this continuing, districts can implement and plan appropriately knowing that the resources will be there to ensure they are as safe as reasonably possible.