ACC Graduates

100% Student Passage Rate for All Graduates

The new Medical Billing Specialist/Medical Biller program at the Alliance Career Center recently graduated six students from its inaugural class, all of whom passed their assessments to become National Certified Insurance and Coding Specialists (NCICS).

The program consisted of ten months of instruction, totaling 900 hours. The curriculum teaches the students about insurance policy and procedures necessary for billing and claim processing, medical terminology, human anatomy and office administration and interpersonal skills. All information necessary for them to thrive in the world of medical billing and coding.

The class of graduates includes Myishia Elder, Rebecca Ewing, Bobbie Mason, Jessica Price, Jamie Robinson and Brittani Sinkovich. 

“It was my absolute pleasure to get to know and teach such a diverse group of ladies,” said Shaunda Harper, the instructor for the program. “I am honored to have been able to be a part of their academic, personal and professional growth. They all passed the certifying exam, so I have no doubt they will all do well in the field and at anything else they desire to do.”

Not only did the students have the chance to be the first ones in the program, they also completed their work and certification amidst a global pandemic. The support from their families and the staff at the Alliance Career Center was imperative to helping with their success in the program.“Teaching career and tech programs allows you to connect with students in a way traditional college does not,” Harper said. “As an educator our position is to educate and impress on the student, but the impression each student has on you is often unexpected, but valuable beyond measure— and for this, I am grateful for each and every one of you.”

Each graduate walked across the stage in the Alliance High School auditorium in a socially distanced graduation ceremony to receive their certificates with their families in attendance.

“We could not be more pleased with the success of this Medical Insurance Specialist/Medical Biller Program, which made its debut last summer at the Alliance Career Center,” said Beth Starrett, Director of Career and Tech Programs at Alliance City Schools. “Supported by our ACC student services staff, our instructor, Mrs. Harper, led her students through ten months of curriculum which culminated in 100% passage of their NCICS credential examination. We hope that many others in our Alliance community and beyond will consider joining our next medical billing and coding class.”

The next medical billing and coding class is now enrolling and will begin in September. The Alliance Career Center also offers welding, STNA, cosmetology and practical nursing classes. If you are interested in learning more about the classes offered or would like to apply for a program, visit or call 330-829-2267.