RTW Graduates Practical Nurses

The Robert T. White School of Practical Nursing at the Alliance Career Center graduated 12 practical nursing students on Nov. 6.

“Tonight marks the culmination of this classes educational experience with us,” said Greg Gemberling, the director of the Alliance Career Center. “They have worked very hard to obtain the certification awards that are going to be bestowed upon them. We have a lot to celebrate and many people to thank.”

Gemberling went on to thank the families of the graduates for supporting them, the RTW director Bonnie Newton and her faculty for their dedication to the students and program and the career center’s staff.

“Most importantly, thanks to the graduating students,” Gemberling said. “You made it happen and you should feel very proud of this accomplishment. Your determination, focus and hard work has helped each of you persevere and brought you to this defining moment this evening.”

The 2018-2019 part-time evening LPN class consisted of Jordann Barker, Mercedes Brown, Alyssa Crewson, Rebecca Edwards, Vonnametrica Eutsey, Kayla Jamison, Krystle Nicholson, Katrina Phillis, Amanda Rastetter, Jessica Richards, Juanita Sparren and Alison Weikart.

The students have worked hard to achieve their goal of becoming a practical nurse. The class valedictorian, Crewson, shared her story on why she wanted to become a nurse during her speech. She had people close to her who spent time in the hospital, and the nurses made their experiences positive.

“The nurses always made them feel so special, but they made my family feel just as important,” Creswson said. “That has always been my goal- to be a caring and compassionate nurse. Robert T. White and my incredible instructors made that dream become a reality.”

With the support of her family and her fellow students, Crewson was able to complete nursing school and achieve her goal. She thanked her family, classmates and the RTW faculty for all they have done to help her succeed.

Each class of graduates receive notable awards. The Robert T. White Awards include an award for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Achievement were awarded to Crewson and Jamison respectively. The Jane Moncrief Spirit of Nursing Award was presented to Weikart.

Following the awards, the students received their certificates and pins. They were presented by Newton and Misti Johnson, a RTW faculty member.

“The faculty and I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments,” Newton said. “This is not the end, this is just the beginning. We hope that you continue on with your nursing career and find it as rewarding as we all did.”

It’s tradition to read the Florence Nightingale pledge at each nursing graduation to show the students dedication to the profession. Edwards, the class salutatorian, held the honor of reciting the pledge.

“Students don’t forget about us,” Gemberling told the graduates. “We’re always going to be here for you, so stay in touch and if we can be of any assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.”

RTW is currently enrolling for a part-time day/evening LPN class beginning Jan. 22. For those interested in enrolling or finding out more about the class, call 330-829-2267.