​ACC Graduates Eight Medical Assistants

The Alliance Career Center recently graduated eight students from the medical assisting program.

“On behalf of the Alliance Board of Education and the Alliance Career Center, I would like to welcome you to the Medical Assistant graduation,” ACC director, Greg Gemberling, welcomed the audience. “Tonight is the culminating event of your educational program. These students have worked very hard to attain the credentials that will be bestowed upon them this evening.”

The graduates include Mechelle Estes, Brittany Fugate, Amanda Johnson, Norma Johnson, Stephanie Peck, Tiffany Sharrard, Stacy Springer and Rogina Trent.

“Congratulations to you, the students.” Gemberling said. “You made this happen and that is something you should be very proud of. Your determination and hard work helped each of you to persevere and brought you to this moment.”

The students graduate prepared to work under doctors and licensed healthcare practitioners. They will be able to administer medications, set up exam rooms, injections, phlebotomy lab/testing and much more with this versatile degree.

Taught by Sharon Davies and Kim Woodruff, these eight students took part in intensive training in the classroom and through clinical work to learn how to become medical assistants. 

“Did you know that as a medical assistant, you define the word versatile?” Davies asked the students. “Webster's dictionary defines the word versatile as embracing a variety of skills. Turning with ease from one thing to another to another thing, using your skills, then going to another thing- that’s an MA.”

Each graduate was presented with a certificate and encouraged to go out into the workforce and thrive in their new positions as medical assistants. They were encouraged to visit ACC and let them know about their successes and to always remember ACC is there to help them.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

For more information on the Medical Assisting program, visit www.accrtw.org or call 330-829-2267.